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The Kevin James Endowment Fund was set up in November 2007 by the Dallas Police Association Assist the Officer Foundations board of directors to honor the memory of Dallas Police Officer Christopher Kevin James who was murdered on November 25, 2001. Kevin is the only sitting Dallas Police Association ( board member to be killed in the line of duty.


The definition of an endowment fund is: an account that is invested to earn a return of income and growth of which a percentage of the account value is used each year for a specified charitable purpose. This particular endowment is so much more. The benefits of this particular endowment fund are twofold. Your gift will keep on giving as only the interest will be used and your donation will be benefiting local law enforcement officers.


The Endowment Fund is created and exists solely for the charitable purposes of the DPA Assist the Officers Foundation, with its principle objective being the promotion and development of assistance to police officers as expressed in the By-laws and the guidelines of the Foundation (

Once each year the Endowment Fund Committee will authorize a payment of the previous year’s interest to the ATO Foundation – leaving the principle untouched. This distribution will be calculated as interest earned beyond the invested principle. In short, your contribution to the Endowment will never be spent, only the interest it makes over the year. In this way we continue to honor Kevin and ensure ongoing support for the Foundation in perpetuity.

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Leave Your Legacy

The Kevin James Endowment Fund LEGACY PROJECT :

It is a goal of all officers to leave their mark on the city as having done their part to make it a safer place to live and work. Now, allow us to offer you a way to leave you mark on the Police Department as well. A way that officers, years from now, will know just what this job meant to you.

The Kevin James Endowment Fund LEGACY PROJECT is an opportunity to continue to support your fellow officer’s years after retiring.  For a minimum donation of $500.00, you will receive a thank you gift and recognition on the Legacy Project Plaque, to show officers past, present and future, that you cared enough to leave your mark on the department.  The best part is, your donation, or legacy, will be around forever because only the interest is given to ATO, meaning your donation is never touched.

Take a moment to consider donating to the Kevin James Endowment Fund Legacy Project.  Your donation will last forever.  Please feel free to contact the Kevin James Endowment Fund Chairman, Kevin Janse, at (214) 671-4068.          

Tom Popken — 7/2010
Fred MacDonald — 1/2011
Robert Whatley — 3/2011
   Ray Lawrence — 4/2011
Linda Crum — 5/2011
Debbie Easton — 6/2011
John Easton — 6/2011
Justin Bowen — 6/2011
Eddie Crawford — 6/2011
Allen Hotz — 7/2011
Keith Wenzel — 7/2011
Magdalen Boyle — 7/2011
Steve Reideler — 7/2011
Andy Paris — 7/2011
Billy Shehee — 7/2011
Drayson Robertson — 7/2011
Steven Umlor — 7/2011
Randall Dunn — 9/2011
Russell Brookshire — 9/2011
Barbara Garner — 10/2011
Kyle Royster — 11/2011
Edward Pollard — 12/2011
Frank Plaster — 12/2011

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"Mike and Kevin directed traffic together at the Infomart several days a week,

and Mike has never enjoyed working with anyone else so much. He loved Kevin’s sense of humor and good nature. Actually, so did I. He was always so fun and friendly every time I’d stop by the intersection to see Mike."

Sharon Martin
(wife of Mike Martin, DPD)