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May 2013
Time marches on. Time marches on. We will be attending our 12th annual Police Memorial tomorrow. It's been over a decade; that seems like such a long time. I could sit here and cry for hours remembering the worst 'day' of my life-- how my family and friends were affected, how Shelby's world was turned upside down, how I felt like I would not survive. Amazingly, I did. We all did. I am so grateful to God for bringing Kevin into my life, for carrying me through the nightmare of losing him, and for blessing me with an amazing family-- my precious daughter, Braydi, my wonderful step children and, most of all, an amazing man who I love and adore. I never thought one person could be so lucky as to find the love of their life not just once, but two times.

— Lori James (widow of Christopher Kevin James)


October 2010
It was a perfect day. Nine years ago was one of the happiest days of my life, it was the day I married my prince charming. It was a perfect day. We felt we picked the perfect place, I had the perfect dress and he looked ridiculously handsome. All of our wonderful friends and family gathered to watch us declare our love and commitment for one another.  It was truly awesome and I am so incredibly thankful that we got to share that together.

— Lori James (widow of Christopher Kevin James)


May 2010
It’s National Police Week 2010. This will be our 9th Memorial to attend since we lost you. It’s an emotional day but it offers a time to stop and to be surrounded by your memory. I sit here with tears rolling down my cheeks. I read our dear friend John Wagler’s post to you and it touches my heart. I am so proud of him and so thankful that he put in the time and the tears to develop this site and I know that you are too. I pray that family and friends will visit this site and remember you and contribute a story of their own. For me it is healing to read how you touched their lives. I love and miss you always.

— Lori James (widow of Christopher Kevin James)


January 2010
Know that the General Surgery Residents and Trauma Staff at Parkland Hospital hold you in the highest regard. I currently live in Corpus Christi TX, have a wife and 2 small girls. I am a practicing general surgeon and take pride in serving my community much like Officer James did. I would like all involved with this endowment to know that Mr. James, his family and the men and women that serve on the Dallas Police and Fire departments are often in my prayers.

A bit about myself. I had the luxury of training to become a general surgeon at what I consider to be the finest medical centers in the world. Parkland hospital taught me everything I needed to know to practice my trade. Besides that, she also taught me to have great respect for those among us who chose to make the ultimate sacrifice so that the rest of us may enjoy living in a civilized society. For that I will be forever grateful. Know that the general surgery residents and trauma staff at Parkland hold you in the highest regard.

On November 24th I was celebrating my birthday at Parkland while on call for the trauma service. It was a usual weekend night until the call was received about Officer James being brought in with gun shot wounds. I helped take care of him and I wish there was more we could have done. I have learned from this experience that every day is special and to not take anything for granted...and I will carry with me the memory of a great man that I didn't even know.

From what I have read on this site and elsewhere, Officer James was a great father, friend and officer. From my personal experience, I know he was a great man.

I will never forget. God bless all of you.

— Steven A. Vela, MD (former Resident at Parkland Memorial Hospital)


August 2009
Well buddy, you finally made it to cyberspace! And of course I bookmarked you on my "Favorites List". I know there's been a lot of talk and thought that has gone on about this since you left us; and I'm sure you thought I might not EVER get around to making this happen, but I hope you are proud of what we have started here for you. I sure do miss you brother! There were a lot of tears that were shed as I worked on this assignment for you—I think that is why I put it off for so long. I'm sure there will be more be tears in the future as I come back to make updates with all the messages and photos I hope to collect for your site! There is a lot of laughter too as I can't help but think of all the funny memories you left here with us. I imagine you are helping people cross the streets in Heaven and I'm sure you are making friends everywhere up there as you always had a gift for doing here. And I hope you'll have the traffic stopped for me when I am called home. I love you brother!

— John Wagler


June 2009
“First Canoe Trip”.
Every year, officers from the Northwest Patrol Bureau go on a canoe trip and the first year Kevin and I were assigned to the station we got invited to go. We were so excited, we did not think about what to bring with us. We decided to go to the store and buy some food and some beer, and that was it; no tent, no sleeping bags, nothing, we were just happy that we got invited. So off we went to the river and when we got there we realized that we were camping in a park near the river and there were no cabins or hotels, but we didn’t care because we were just happy to be there. As the night went on, we managed to build a fire with some wood that we found in the forest. We were getting hungry so we decide to cook the big T-bone Steaks that we had bought at the grocery store. As we cooked our steaks, it started to rain and the rest of the older, more experienced, officers got in their cars and decide to drive into town for dinner, but not us we were determined to eat at the camp site. The only thing we had to wear to protect us from the rain was the city issued rain coats that just happened to be in Kevin’s truck from the night before in patrol. Kevin suddenly started laughing as he realized that we did not bring any plates or plastic wear to eat the steaks with, but he had a plan and that was to just bare hand the steaks like real men and eat them off the bone we could just use the sleeve of the jacket to hold the steak until they cooled down. I remember Kevin and I laughing so hard as all the other guys drove by looking at us sitting by the camp fire in the pouring rain, with our rain coats on, bare handing T-bone steaks and drinking beer and laughing at them as if they were stupid for going into town. Those other officers looked at us like we were crazy and that is just what we wanted them to think. I tell that story to people who wonder what Kevin was like. Kevin always made the best of a bad situation and to this day, I can’t remember a time in my life where I had so much fun sitting in the rain eating steak freezing my tail off, it just would not have been as much fun if Kevin had not been there.

— Detective Scott Sayers #7157, Homicide Unit, Dallas Police Department


December 2003
It’s so amazing to me how time passes… seems like he was here yesterday.
I miss him terribly as I know all of you do too. Somehow we find the strength to move on as I know he would want us to…Still the pain does not subside. As we embark on the 2 year mark that we have been without his presence, I want you all to know that, I still think of you and will always remember the special place you held in his heart. I know, without doubt that all of us feel and will forever feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to know and love him and be loved by him. How lucky we are… yet how unlucky do we feel at times…For without him I know that I personally feel so incomplete. I know that he is happy and in such a better place and that does bring such relief to my heart. I can’t help but selfishly feel left behind. I say that and in the same breath, as I stated above, I feel like the luckiest woman alive. I know without doubt that his love for me was real and true. I am so blessed to have had that from a man like him. We cannot forget how truly blessed we all are to have had the fortune of knowing him as we did. Some day we will be so fortunate as to be reunited with him. Always remember.

— Lori James (widow of Christopher Kevin James)


November 2001
Mike and Kevin directed traffic together at the Infomart several days a week, and Mike has never enjoyed working with anyone else so much.
He loved Kevin’s sense of humor and good nature. Actually, so did I. He was always so fun and friendly every time I’d stop by the intersection to see Mike.

— Sharon Martin (wife of Mike Martin, DPD)


November 2001
I was greatly saddened to learn of Kevin’s death. In my 25 years as an agent and prior employment as an officer of the Atlanta Police Department,
I still can’t adjust to how we always seem to lose the best so early in life. Please take comfort in the fact that he was performing a service to his fellow man, in a career that he loved. So many people pass from this world without having ever made a difference. That can never be said about Kevin.

— M Pritchard (Dept. of Treasury United States Secret Service)


November 2001
I cannot explain how much I thought of Kevin. He was a pleasure to work around. I want you all to know how wonderful Kevin was to me. I work Deployment and when I needed help, I would always sigh with relief when Kevin checked in route. Kevin was a natural at police work with the instinct of a veteran. Most of all the treated his peers and citizens alike with the respect they deserved. He was always grinning and always spoke. I respect Kevin. He was not just a good cop, Kevin was a good man and a good friend. He was a man of integrity and character. Kevin may not be with us physically any longer but his spirit will never leave. He will live on in my heart and soul as my brother in blue who touched many lives.

— Judy Fries (DPD)


November 2001
Kevin was one of the finest young men I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.
His always present smile and upbeat attitude were a trademark!

— Barry Zale


November 2001
Kevin was a fine young man.
I coached him when he was in high school.

— Coach/Macarthur High


November 2001
Kevin was a regular client of mine for four years at Supercuts. I want you to know that I thought he was a wonderful person. Getting the chance to know him was a pleasure. He always spoke nothing but wonderful words of Shelby, Lori and family. He was so proud of Shelby and happy to show me her pictures. He will be missed.

— Katie Scherrer


Fallen Officer

How can it be that you are dead?
Memories of you keep dancing in my head
I haven’t thought about you in such a long time
To think you lost your life serving in the line
We were friends such a long time ago
How can it be that this is so
It was so needless, pointless, and grim
How could someone have committed the ultimate sin
I’ve heard about you through the years
And all I can do now is shed many tears
You had just gotten married, you had a new wife
How can she go on living her life
And your daughter, wondering where her daddy went
To her life what will this have meant
I can’t imagine how those close to you feel
All I know is that only time will heal
It will be slow and seem to never come
But in time, it will be done
They can look forward to seeing you again someday
It will happen because that is God’s way.

By Stacey McClendon
(high school friend)