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Sr. Cpl. Kevin Janse #6679, Dallas Police Department

When God set out to make the perfect police officer he succeeded in Christopher Kevin James or “KJ” to his colleagues. A consummate professional while patrolling the streets of Dallas, KJ would go out of his way to help a person, especially a child. From the day he hit the streets in 1995, he began amassing friends in the department that would congregate around him just to feed off the energy and excitement for the job that he projected.

As an athletic person, KJ quickly showed there wasn’t a suspect in town that could outrun or out smart him. For every fence they would jump over while fleeing, KJ would merely open the gate that the suspect just jumped over. He took that athletic mentality a step further when he joined the Northwest Division Bicycle Patrol Unit. This group of officers was responsible for doing everything a patrol car was asked to do, only on a bike. Many of those officers recall the energy that KJ would have each day to the point that he would request the furthest call possible to get some extra riding in.

When the opportunity came around to apply for the specialized Community Policing Unit, KJ was the first to sign up. He knew this would give him an even better chance to work closely with neighborhood kids that had grown accustomed to life on the streets. He plied his trade with care and compassion yet still knew when it was time to get down to business to get the bad guys off the streets.

In 2001, just 10 months before his death, KJ encountered a deadly force situation in which he had to take the life of a known drug dealer who had just lead officers on a high speed chase. The chase ended when the suspect wrecked his vehicle and KJ was the first to get to the vehicle only to find the suspect raising a gun to shoot another approaching officer. With expert marksmanship KJ fired one time into the vehicle hitting the driver, killing him instantly before he could get a shot off. No other occupants in the vehicle were injured.

That type of heroic effort is what you would find from KJ on a daily basis. For his actions, he was nominated for two Life Saving Awards to go along with over 50 other accolades and commendations he received over his career. Because of KJ, other officers are still working today to keep the streets of Dallas Safe. He will always be missed but never forgotten.


Detective Scott Sayers #7157, Homicide Unit, Dallas Police Department

My name is Scott Sayers. I am a Dallas Police Officer and was a good and close friend of Kevin James, or “KJ” as we all liked to call him. We were in the same police academy class together and hit it off immediately; it was like I had known him my whole life.

After training and graduation we both were assigned to the Northwest Patrol Division and were allowed to pair up as partners after we completed field training. Kevin was like a brother to me, and I to him. We would go out together on our days off, play flag football together for the department and go on vacations together. Kevin was at my wedding and I was at his. In fact, I was with Kevin when he saw Lori for the first time and he told me he was going to marry her, I just laughed, but several years later he did just that. You see, Kevin did what he said he was going to do; he was very confident and very determined when he set his mind on something. I can tell you that I always felt safe in the car with Kevin as my partner. I always knew Kevin had my back and would do anything for me to keep me safe and I would have done anything for him. If you would have asked me if anyone in our class would ever be killed in the line of duty, Kevin would not have been the one I would have thought of. Kevin was one of a kind. If you had a burning building and people were inside he would be the one to run in and try to get them out. It takes someone very special and unique to run into a gun fight which is just what Kevin did the night he died.

When Kevin heard the gun shots and observed people running away, Kevin immediately began running towards the gun shots. That is the type of person he was. Kevin felt a strong sense of duty to protect the public. There is no doubt in my mind that because Kevin ran to that disturbance that night, and took those shots from the suspect, that he saved lives that night even in his death. Kevin cared for people that he didn’t even know and that is a very special gift that he had and the Citizens of Dallas have lost a great police officer.

Kevin was one of a kind and he will never be replaced and will be missed but not forgotten, this endowment fund is something he would have been proud of and would have worked hard for. Every day I miss Kevin and wonder how my life would be if he was still here.

Fallen Officer

How can it be that you are dead?
Memories of you keep dancing in my head
I haven’t thought about you in such a long time
To think you lost your life serving in the line
We were friends such a long time ago
How can it be that this is so
It was so needless, pointless, and grim
How could someone have committed the ultimate sin
I’ve heard about you through the years
And all I can do now is shed many tears
You had just gotten married, you had a new wife
How can she go on living her life
And your daughter, wondering where her daddy went
To her life what will this have meant
I can’t imagine how those close to you feel
All I know is that only time will heal
It will be slow and seem to never come
But in time, it will be done
They can look forward to seeing you again someday
It will happen because that is God’s way.

By Stacey McClendon
(high school friend)