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Kevin James and Lori and daughter

Lori James, Wife of Christopher Kevin James

Kevin was a family man and enjoyed demonstrating his love for family and friends. He had this ability to bring joy and fun into every situation. Be it trimming trees, making apricot jam, skinning a rabbit or other tasks he did at our family farm, he brought life to that chore and created moments that my family and I will never forget. I honestly believe he made our family’s bond even stronger. His energy and positive attitude were contagious and there was more excitement at every gathering when he was present.

Kevin and Lori

Time with his daughter was so precious to Kevin. He always made sure there was something special planned when she was with him. He was an incredible father and his little girl adored him.

Kevin was a comedian and wanted, even needed, to make people happy. Everyone who knew him would agree that he had an incredible sense of humor. He was the life of the party. He was the greatest story teller. He could tell a story and fill the room with laughter; bring the room to tears. He could make me laugh even when I didn’t want to. I miss that. I miss laughing with Kevin.

Wedding Photo

Kevin was dedicated to making a difference. He loved working with his fellow officers to solve problems, catching the bad guys, being involved in the community, and working with the kids in underprivileged areas. His capacity for love amazed me. He did so much for the ones he loved, for friends he knew and even those he did not. Need someone to help you move? Call Kevin. Need someone to install a patio roof, plant grass, fix a picture frame? Call Kevin. He was one of the most giving, selfless men I’ve ever known. Making a difference was important to him.

Now, in his name, the Kevin James Endowment Fund will forever make a difference to the families of fallen and injured officers.

John Wagler, Friend of Christopher Kevin James

“There is no greater love than this, than to lay down one's life for a friend”. I cannot find a better way to describe Christopher Kevin James than that of this scripture passage from John 15:13; as every person that crossed Kevin’s path was a friend—and Kevin made the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect these friendships.

Kevin and John

Kevin James never met a stranger. No one knows this better than I do, as we became friends while he was working a crossing guard detail at the office building where I worked. I can remember the first day I met Kevin like it was yesterday. He politely greeted me and asked how I was doing as he stopped traffic while I safely crossed the street. I replied and returned the courtesy thinking nothing of it, until he emphatically responded, “I’m great!” I can remember walking away thinking, “That was the friendliest and most enthusiastic police officer, or stranger, I’ve ever encountered.”

Our morning exchanges soon progressed to where I left the house earlier in order to avoid being late for work. Not long thereafter, we exchanged phone numbers and our friendship continued to grow. I got to know more about Kevin, and more importantly, the things that meant most to him: his daughter Shelby, his soon-to-be wife Lori, family, friends, and his “brothers” in the department. I’ll spend a lifetime wondering how Kevin was able to make time for all of those in his life and still manage to find time to visit local schools to read to the kids, or find the time to help a “friend” in need. One day, I can only hope to do so in the same effortless manner as Kevin.

I consider myself fortunate to have met and enjoyed a close friendship with Kevin. My only wish is to have had more time with my friend. I am reminded of him with every police officer I see and random act of kindness I come across. That is why I can’t think of a better way to honor Kevin than with this Endowment—assisting officers who put their lives on the line for us every day. Your contribution to the Kevin James Endowment will help to make sure that our friend Kevin is not forgotten; and local police officers, and their families, can get the additional support they require in a time of need.

I appreciate your consideration and contribution to your friend and mine, Christopher Kevin James.
Many Thanks.

"I cannot explain how much I thought of Kevin.

He was a pleasure to work around. I want you all to know how wonderful Kevin was to me. I work Deployment and when I needed help, I would always sigh with relief when Kevin checked in route. Kevin was a natural at police work with the instinct of a veteran. Most of all he treated his peers and citizens alike with the respect they deserved. He was always grinning and always spoke. I respect Kevin. He was notjust a good cop, Kevin was a good man and a good friend. He was a man of integrity and character. Kevin may not be with us physically any longer but his spirit will never leave. He will live on in my heart and soul as my brother in blue who touched many lives."

Judy Fries